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Welcome to Web Thumper's FREE Drum Lessons web site!

What's New!
  • Maroon 5/Harder To Breathe - Drum Transcript
  • American Hi-Fi/Flavor Of The Week - Drum Transcript
  • Megadeath/No More Mr. Nice Guy - Drum Transcript

    If you've been frustrated trying to learn how to read drum transcriptions...
    If you are just a beginner and want to learn more about drums and what they are all about...
    If you are an advanced player looking for something new...

    Then you've found everything you've been looking for...all in one place!

    We're the only drumming web site that will not only show you the drum transcriptions of over 600 patterns and rhythms, but also complete songs have been transcribed for you...all for free! Not only will you see the drum transcriptions...you'll also be able to hear what those patterns sound like via MIDI and MP3 files (videos coming soon!). This is the best way to actually learn because you can hear (and soon be able to see via videos) if you are playing the parts correctly.

    You can Buy Audio CDs of these great drum lessons and other exciting lessons and our exclusive Jam Tracks...see below.

    Use the navigation menu on the left (which will be on every page) to click your way through the web site...there's more than 10 hours of MIDI and MP3 files to check out!

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    - I M P O R T A N T -
    You must have a sound card that is MIDI compatible and a MIDI plug-in
    for your web browser to hear the drum transcription examples.

    You also must have a screen size of at least 800x600 with 256 colors
    (1024x768 is preferable) to view the complete drum lessons on your screen.

    To see and hear everything, we recommend that you have these programs:
    ** Macromedia Flash plug-in ** MP3 player ** MPEG video player **

    Download the promotional trailers
    for Web Thumper's
    Performance/Instructional DVD
    Cast Of Shadows - Face The Time

    Download MPG Download WMV
    MPG video is 32MB - WMV video is 15MB
    both video are 360x240 pixels and 44.1kHz stereo - 2:13 in length
    Cast Of Shadows - Ultimate Jam Track

    Download MPG Download WMV
    MPG video is 42MB - WMV video is 16MB
    both video are 360x240 pixels and 44.1kHz stereo - 3:01 in length

    Flash Video & Audio Drum Lessons

    Now you can hear & see how the drum lessons & transcripts are played

    What's Hot!
  • Play Web Thumper's Drum Kit with your mouse!
  • Jam Tracks are songs without drums for you to jam with
  • Daily Drum Quiz - see how good you really are!
  • Drum Transcriptions of great songs that include complete transcription, MIDI and MP3s
  • Web Thumper MP3s of over 30 years of recordings (now expanded!)

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    Demo CD
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