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Jam Tracks
Volume #1

Its finally here...full length Jam Tracks for you to play along with. There are 9 brand new Jam Tracks included on the CD. One version without a click track and one version with a click track...to help you find the tempo and downbeats.

There's over 70 minutes of music that is ready for you to create your own drum parts, with several different styles of music...from Rock to Funk to Dance and Trance!

Coming soon will be companion CDs with the drum parts added in which will include complete drum transcriptions from Novice to Extreme.

You can download samples of all 9 brand new Jam Tracks, click here.

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Jam Tracks #1 & #2
Demo CD and
Drum Transcriptions

After many months of work, we are proud to present our Jam Tracks Demo audio CD that contains all versions of our Jam Tracks #1 and #2 - a total of 12 tracks.

This is just a sampling of what is to come in our Jam Tracks series that we are continously working on.

Web Thumper's Drum Lessons All on Audio CDs

If you have visited our web site before you already know that there is a lot of drum lessons to go over. Many of you have requested printouts of our drum lessons so we provided printer friendly versions of most of the drum lessons, but that still meant that you had to go to every web page and print it out.

Well now you don't have to anymore! We've done it for you in a full color booklet that contains all* the current drum lessons in the Novice/Intermediate and Advanced/Extreme sections. We've converted all* our drum lesson MIDI files into 2 audio CDs for each series that you can play on your home stereo.

* does not include sample lessons from Audio CDs, Accents, Drum Transcriptions, Jam Tracks, and other non drum lesson web pages (i.e. Message Boards, Drum Quiz, etc.)

2 CDs - 129 Patterns!
28 Page Booklet

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2 CDs - 123 Patterns!
21 Page Booklet

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SPECIAL: Buy both of Web Thumper's Drum Lessons series and save $$$

4 CDs - 252 Patterns!
2 Booklets

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Counting Measures
Snare Drum Series

Learn how to count measures with 90 lessons ranging from Novice to Extreme patterns!

If you are just starting out or are an experienced drummer we're sure that you'll learn something from our first Audio CD offering. With over 90 patterns included on the CD and a booklet of all the patterns, you've got hours of practicing ahead of you to master it all.

These lessons include everything from quarter note patterns to sixteenth triplet patterns to several rudiments including flams and 5-stroke rolls. With time signatures of 4/4 to 7/8 to 6/4 you'll learn to count these non-standard times with ease. Also included with each pattern is sticking (which hand plays which notes) this will add amazing hand control and coordination to your drumming.

SPECIAL: Buy both of Web Thumper's Counting Measures series and save $$$

Counting Measures
Drum Kit Series

Learn how to count measures with 63 lessons ranging from Novice to Extreme patterns!

These lessons pick up where the Counting Measures - Snare Drum Series left off. All the patterns are played on the full drum kit this time around, including some drum fills and some very odd time signatures. With over 70 minutes of patterns that will help you learn to count measures as you are playing complete rythms ranging from Novice through Extreme, there is something for everyone.

Also included in this series are two Mini Jam Tracks! These Jam Tracks are exclusive to Web Thumper and offer a great way to practice counting measures to music instead of a click track or metronome. Each of the Jam Tracks come in four versions: no drums, click track and either novice or advanced and intermediate or extreme. There's no better way to practice than playing with real music.

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Practice Exercises
Tempos & Time Signatures

This is a great CD to have to practice a wide range of tempos (from 60 to 225 BPM) and tons of different time signatures (from 3/4 to 7/4 to 9/8). Each pattern plays for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds so you can get a good feel for the tempo. The time signatures come in two different tempos to practice, 120 and 150 BPM.

This just an audio CD with a single page booklet with the patterns used for all the tempos and time signatures...nothing fancy just straight beats. The goal with this project was to give drummers some backing patterns not necessarily to play with verbatim, but as a foundation to start exploring other rythms and drum fills to expand your creativity and imagination.

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