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This page contains MP3 files of original and cover songs by all the various bands that I have played with over the past 20 years. The bands are listed from the most current to oldest...so grab your favorite beverage and kick back while you listen to over 10 hours of songs recorded with me playing the drums.

Most of the files are live recordings of different bands and the quality is at times, uh, not the greatest...but you can trust me that these are the cream of the crop as far as sound quality goes. The other fun thing about a lot of these songs is that they were recorded live...which means that there are some mistakes and flubs that come with the territory...I'll leave it up to you to find them!

The section below pertains to the band Cast Of Shadows and the CD called Face The Time that we released back in 1993. Its kinda the swan song of my musical career and what I consider the best "recorded" work that I have performed.

If you have any questions about how this CD was recorded, the studio, how long it took, or anything about recording a CD in general, send me e-mail at Thumper@WebThumper.com

(from left to right)

Andy DeFaria
Mike Fraser
Scott Dinn


Download MP3 Download AAC YouTube Love Beyond Our Needs
Download MP3 Download AAC Breakaway
Download MP3 Download AAC YouTube Remember
Download MP3 Download AAC YouTube Street Magic
Download MP3 Download AAC Face The Time
Download MP3 Download AAC Lifeline
Download MP3 Download AAC Silent Rage
Download MP3 Download AAC Drugstore Novels
Download MP3 Download AAC Cryin' In The Rain
Download MP3 Download AAC Reach Beyond The Past

All songs are © Copyright Hop-A-Long Productions 1993

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Internal Affairs
recorded in 2009 at Black Oak Casino

YouTube Demo Video

After 4 years of playing with 10til2 and not making much progress in expanding the band and music I made the hard choice to leave the band and join the wedding/cover band Internal Affairs... although after a year I starting playing again with 10til2 as co-drummer along with Don Frank who replaced me for almost a year.

Internal Affairs is run by Mark Hawke and consists of several other session players that are hired as required by the band. This was my first experience with a wedding band and that style of music and having to wear a suit while playing drums. It was quite a big adjustment but the other musicians were real pro's and great to play with along with the much bigger paychecks at the end of the night!

Up until this point in my music career I only played from Monterey to San Francisco at local clubs and bars. IA was able to expand that area quite a bit by booking gigs from Sacramento to Yosemite Valley and also playing casino clubs...where was really nice, but not a lot of people at the casino are there for the bands/music...ha ha ha.

As of 2011 Internal Affairs has slowed down gigging but still have a few wedding and private parties lined up to keep the ball rolling.

recorded in 2005

Download MP3 Breathe
Download MP3 Gone
Download MP3 Choke
Download MP3 Want

When I joined 10til2 the guys were already working on original songs using a different band name called LoveKraft. After I got up to speed with the 10til2 cover songs the guys asked me if I would also play drums for their original project...I accepted. It was a little overwhelming at first to learn original songs again when I'd not played in an original project for almost a decade.

After 3-4 months of practicing we booked time at Studio 880 in Oakland (where Greenday recording their American Idoit tracks) for a weekend and ended up with the four songs above. We had two 14-15 hour sessions and came out with a completely mixed/produces group of songs that we used to help promote the band.

Soon after we were able to book gigs at Slim's, The Red Devil Lounge and The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Unfortunately after a couple of months of working together in the cover and original band the guys had had enough of me...so it was mutually decided that I would exit the LoveKraft project...but I stayed on as the drummer with the cover band 10til2.

from 2005 to present

YouTube Promo Video
YouTube - Cisco Sales Convention
Right Here, Right Now (Jesus Jones)

YouTube - Cisco Sales Convention
Let's Go Crazy (Prince)

While cruising through craigslist one day (January 2006) I saw an ad that read something like "working band needs drummer". I hadn't played in a band in 6-7 years and wasn't really even thinking about joining a band, but I couldn't resist emailing these guys just to see what they were about.

A couple of days later after I learned their 4-5 audition songs I went down to their practice studio in downtown San Jose. There I met Scott and Gordon Kusayangi (Scott's Dad!) and Jeff Payne. We went through the audition songs and it went really well...I was very nervous and unsure of myself as I hadn't really played with anyone, in the same room (see Globetraxter projects), in a long time. The guys had already auditions 2-3 other guys and after we were done going through the songs they guys went outside to discuss things while I was tearing down my drums. When I was done they were ready to offer me the gig...I was blown away.

I started learning all their songs and getting to know the guys and in 3-4 months we started gigging places in Monterey, Hollister, Gilroy and San Jose. I was a lot of fun playing with those guys and we were just getting things going when tragedy struck the band. Scott's Dad was vacationing in Las Vegas and was killed by a reckless driver while walking on the strip...click here to ready more about what happened and other history of 10til2 by Scott K.

After a few months of grieving and soulsearching the band and Scott K. decided to keep playing and recruited Mike Craig from the guys original project LoveKraft to join 10til2. It only took Mike a month or so to get up to speed and then we were out playing again.

About a year later the bass player (Jeff Payne) made a family decision to move to Las Vegas. The band went about auditioning bass players and came to the conculsion that Jeff wasn't replaceable and also he was expected to come back to San Jose in about 3-4 years. So we decided to take the band in a new direction by going MIDI and started building bass tracks that we could play along with.

This was a risky choice as musically 10til2 would sound even fuller because using MIDI we added keyboards and sampled backing vocals all controlled by a laptop...but only have two guitarists on stage...we worried that people wouldn't accept a band w/o a live bass player. In the process of converting all our songs to MIDI we learned about DMX lighting systems and went out and bought a 10 piece lighting system that was also controlled by MIDI/DMX to be in sync with the music...visusally, along with some fog, we were able to build an awesome light show for our gigs.

It took about a month of gigs to work out the kinks of the new setup but once we got everything programmed and learned how to play to a click track in our in-ears we started playing more and more gigs and got really popular in the San Jose/San Francisco bay area.

After about 3 years of playing the same songs over and over again I needed a change of pace that wasn't coming from the current line-up so I made the hard descision to leave the band (read about Internal Affairs above)...but alas after a year away from the band and Jeff Payne returning from Las Vegas to rejoin the band...in 2011 I started back playing with 10til2 on a regular basis splitting some gigs with Don Frank their replacement drummer for me.

We are all having a great time playing again a learning new songs and playing some new clubs...all is good in 2011!


Forbidden Planet
recorded in 1999

Download MP3 Crazy
Download MP3 Broken
Download MP3 Wild Child
Download MP3 Find Your Way

When I got married in 1996 and we had our first baby girl, there wasn't much time for music in my life anymore. But soon after things settled down I got a phone call from Andy (see above and below)...he'd found another band and they were looking for a studio drummer to record some original music. Well I wasn't really into getting involved with another original act, but I got along well with Andy (and loved his playing style) so I thought I'd give it a shot.

This band was a lot different than Cast of Shadows type of 80's rock, they were more into a 90's alternative sound, so it was a little bit of a challange at first to adapt. Scott (keyboards/guitars) and Michelle (vocals) had written out all the songs and were continuing to write more as the band played more together. Soon we had about 10 songs that were ready to be recorded for a promotional CD, but first we had to come up with a name for the band...this is when Scott & Michelle decided on Forbidden Planet. Wasn't really my first choice, but hey, I was just a hired gun to play drums for the CD...so I went along with it.

We recorded all the songs in one weekend, the drums and some guitars on Saturday and then the rest of the guitars, keyboards and vocals on Sunday (all of the keyboards and guitars were played from a sequencer so they went fast!). Unfortunately we only had time and the money to completely finish the songs listed here. Someday I hope to get the masters from Scott for the other songs as they were pretty cool (and had great drum parts! :-).

Scott is still writing and playing in band on the east coast, so if you really like his material let me know and I'll drop him an email for you.

Bottoms Up
recorded in 1995

Download MP3 Brickhouse (Wild Cherry)
Download MP3 Get Down Tonight/
Pick Up The Pieces
Download MP3 Radio Song/Play That Funky Music/
Unbelievable/Busta Move
Download MP3 Low Rider/Longview (Greenday)
Download MP3 My Sharona (The Knack)
Download MP3 New Sensation (INXS)
Download MP3 On The Loose (Saga)
Download MP3 Peanuts Theme
Download MP3 Plush (Stone Temple Pilots)

After Cast of Shadows, Andy and I hooked up with some other local musicians who wanted to form a strictly cover band that played out locally (Steve [keyboards/vocals] and Steve [bass/vocals]). This was a band that was a lot of fun to play in because there wasn't the pressures of having to create original music and then try and get people to listen and buy your CDs & T-shirts...it was just lots of fun. Thus we can up with a fun and (what we thought) was a perfect name for a "bar band"...Bottoms Up!

We rehearsed for about 3 months and got about 70 cover songs under our belts and then start banging on club doors. Soon we were playing 3-4 times a week all over the bay area...from Monterey to Burlingame (central California). There were a lot of good times while I was playing in the band...in fact I met my wife at one of our gigs!

It was about 2 years later that we decided that it was time to call it quits as a band as things were just not as "fun" as they were in the beginning and it was getting harder and harder to keep the gigs rolling in...the bar band scene in the area was drying up pretty fast unfortunately and it was getting pretty competitive between clubs and bands.

These songs were all recorded live at a small club in Monterey, CA called "Doc Ricketts" right on Cannery Row. When ever we played there it was always for a weekend stay (which was very cool because we got to leave our equipment setup overnight in the club!) and during the day we'd play tourist and kick back in the sun or go check out the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. These are totally live songs recorded directly from the soundboard, so expect to hear (and not hear sometimes) some mistakes, some improvised grooves/jams and 100% live versions of these great cover songs.

Cast Of Shadows
recorded in 1992-1994

Download MP3 Mony Mony (Billy Idol) Live '93
Download MP3 Best Of What I Got (Bad English) Live '93
Download MP3 Rebel Yell (Billy Idol) Live '93
Download MP3 Silent Lucidity (Queensryche) Live '93
Download MP3 On The Loose (Saga) Live '93
Download MP3 To The Top (Loverboy) Live '93
Download MP3 Hate Everything About You (Ugly Kid Joe) Live '93

In 1990 I moved up to San Jose, CA and after about 6 months I ran into my old buddy from high school Mike Fraser (see Pat Mos Vision below) and eventually moved into together (as we both had really bad roommates at the time) and quickly decided to start up another band...Cast Of Shadows.

Mike had been writing tons of songs since high school so we searched for a guitarist that would complete the trio. After going through 2-3 people we finally found Andy and the band was complete. We immediately went about working on tons of cover songs and the original material too. Since we knew that we would not be able to play out (and make any money) on just original music we went about learning about 100 cover songs.

After playing the local club circuit for a couple of years (playing 4-5 nights a week - and all of us holding down 8-5 jobs) we had worked out all the kinks with the original music and it was time to record the CD (see above). After that we kept on rolling playing some of our original material while we played the local dance clubs and got a pretty good reception. We also sent a couple hundred of our CDs to college radio stations all across the country (through a SF promotions company). About a month later we had made it into the top 10 lists of several east coast radio stations...cool! But alas nothing ever came from that except a couple of faxes from the promotion company with the top 10 lists from the radio stations...nice souvenirs I guess.

We kept playing the cover band dance clubs and getting more and more popular...we had a management company that helped us get better gigs and roadies! (YES ROADIES - WAY COOL) We had so much stuff for such a small band playing in local clubs...we had a complete lighting system that was control by a laptop that I ran from my drum set via MIDI. The laptop also controlled the MIDI keyboards, vocal effects, and sometimes even the guitarists sound effects...it was a lot of setup...but it was the coolest setup that no other band had... probably too much stuff!

Anyways these MP3s are of some live shows we performed over a couple of years...and yes they are VERY live. There are mistakes abound and the sound quality isn't always up to speed...but the songs are a sampling of the cover songs that we used to play. We had lots of fun playing the dive dance clubs (except for the sleezy managers!) and you can hear it in the music and how the people really got into the music. Enjoy!

recorded in 1988

Download MP3 Hold On
Download MP3 I Can't Help It
Download MP3 Gift Of Pain
Download MP3 Contact
Download MP3 Get It Together
Download MP3 Girls' Got A Secret
Download MP3 It's A Shame
Download MP3 Jealousy And Lies
Download MP3 Dude Looks Like A Lady (Aerosmoth) Live '88
Download MP3 Turn Me Loose (Loverboy) Live '88
Download MP3 Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Night Ranger) Live '88
Download MP3 Angel (Aerosmith) Live '88

A couple of years of not playing in a band I hooked up with some guys practicing in a small town outside of Salinas, CA (where I was living at that time) called Prunedale. Since I was living in a small apartment at the time I bought a set of Simmons electronic drums so that I could practice. I saw their ad in one of the local free music papers and we hooked up and hit it off right away...even with my strange drums! The new band wasn't all thrilled with the sound of a totally electronic drum set so I went out and bought a "real" bass drum and snare (already had a bunch of cymbals and stands).

From there we started practicing all their original material they had already written. Soon it was time to start looking for gigs, thus required a demo tape. Since none of us could afford to buy studio time, we decided to use the guitarist's 4-track tape recorder and just make the demo ourselves. To all of our surprise all the songs turned out pretty good...even with the electronic drums used completely...except for the cymbals and hi-hat of course. (for the techies I was using an old Alesis HR16 as the sound module, I think thats what it was)

We stayed together for a couple of years playing around the Salinas and Monterey area...we even ventured up to San Jose and San Francisco a couple of times but it just wasn't worth the long drives to play for 30-45 minutes as we were just playing our original material. So we decided to throw in some cover songs so that we could play more clubs...and make more money!

As we became more popular in the area we participated in a local "Battle of the Bands" contest and came in 4th place out of about 20 different bands from around the Montery area. It was a great experience and a little strange having to play music for competition instead of just for fun.

Dean Keith
recorded in 1984

Download MP3 Get Away
Download MP3 Turn Up The Power

Dean Keith and I went to high school together in Gilroy, CA. We started a band called Royal Blitz when I was a sophomore and Dean was a freshman. It was really bad! :-) But we had a lot of fun playing in my garage. We eventually formed another band later in the year called Carisma that played 3 times for our high school - what a kick that was...instant rock stars...for about a week! Eventually we both went on to other bands during our high school years.

We ran into each other several years after high school and Dean was starting to record his demo album (CDs weren't around yet) and wanted me to play the drums on it for him. Why not! So he got some of our other friends from high school (Mike Fraser [bass/keyboards] and Randy Spendlove [guitars]) and we practiced a couple of days and then went into the studio to record these songs. It was an allnight session and none of us got any sleep, unfortunately I had to be at work around 8am the next day (the first day of a new job no less) - man was I dragging!

We recorded the songs and then that was it. We didn't work together and even see each other much after that. Not sure if Dean did ever get any record company bites from his demo album, but I have a copy of it and I am keeping around just for kicks. Someday I can show my grandkids, "Look what we used to use for music!".

The Paul Godfrey Band
recorded in 1982-1983

Download MP3 Can't Live Without You
Download MP3 Hot Night In The City
Download MP3 Jenny
Download MP3 Today I Got Lucky
Download MP3 Tonight

A high school buddy (Randy Spendlove) called me up and asked me to play on some songs for this guy he was working with...Paul Godfrey. So I had nothing else going on and said, "Sure, why not!". Well this turned into a 2 year project that went nowhere. It started off really good as we recorded these 5 songs in the first couple of months and then we started working on our live show...well that whens things started to fall apart.

We only had three committed players (Randy, Paul, & me), so we had to find a bass player that wanted to stay in the band...well thats not an easy task. Once we did find someone who we liked we then had to find a place to practice. Soooo, since we were all poor we ended up practicing in a dry cleaning store (after it closed) that one of our friends' family ran...so that meant setting up and tearing down afet every practice...what a pain in the @#$@#. That lasted about 3 months and then bass player quit. So we found a new bass player and a new place to practice...at the new bass players garage. It wasn't too bad, we got to keep our equipment setup all the time, the it was about 100 yards from a main highway (Hwy 101 in Gilroy, CA near Gavalan College)...so it got kinda noisy outside, but while we were playing we didn't hear any outside noise.

So, that bass player lasted about 3-4 months and then we had to start over again! By this time I was getting frustrated. We found ANOTHER bass player and also ended up practicing in his garage...but this time he lived way in the suburbs of San Jose, CA and the neighbors called the police immediately after we started practicing.

Finally I had had enough and quit the band and went on to get a real job working in a data processing company, instead of delivering pizza's and going to college in Salinas, CA. It was a good learning experience in that I learned what not to do when I get into my next band!

Paul Godfrey went out to put out a CD with a record company but never made it to the big time. Randy Spendlove went on to become a Vice President with A&M records and the last I heard was working in New York City schmoozing his way to the top!

Pat Mos Vision
recorded in 1981

Download MP3 Do You?
Download MP3 Eye To Eye
Download MP3 He Loves You And Me
Download MP3 I Can Be Free
Download MP3 I Love You
Download MP3 Pat Mos Vision
Download MP3 Rock Star
Download MP3 Song In My Heart
Download MP3 Tom Sawyer (Rush)
Download MP3 You Will Live Again

Mike Fraser (from COS) put together this Christian Rock band while we were in high school (Gilroy, CA). Mike was a sophomore and I was a senior. We recorded these songs in a barn on Mike's family ranch house on May 20th, 1981. Our high school was kind enough to loan us (kinda) the jazz band PA system and microphones so we could get a good mix. I brought in my tape recorder and away we went.

We recorded all the songs in one day...yes, it was a long day! A couple of the songs we actually took and mixed down to a 4 track and then overdubbed some stuff, but the quality of those songs deteriorated pretty badly.

The guitarist name was John Andronico who was a freshman just picking up the guitar and taking lessons...the leads are pretty bad, but the rhythm stuff is up to par for a garage band. Since we were all Rush fans, we decided to do a cover of Tom Sawyer. Its a little slow (ok, a lot slow), but that was my fault...it was towards the end of the day and I was getting tired! :-)

Just remember that these songs were recorded by 3 three teenagers back in 1981 in a barn to a regular tape deck. Its basically live without an audience, so don't expect Def Leppard production quality, but the music is pretty good if you don't mind the Christian overtones in the lyrics.

recorded in 1981

Download MP3 What Kind Of Fool (original song)
Download MP3 Back In The U.S.S.R. (Beatles)
Download MP3 Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) (Pat Travers)
Download MP3 It's The Weekend (original song)
Download MP3 Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)
Download MP3 Chinagrove (Doobie Brothers)
Download MP3 Turn Up The Music (Sammy Hagar)
Download MP3 Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Download MP3 Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar)

During the summer of '81 I hooked up with Randy and Jon from The End to form another band that played more rock songs and just wanted to have fun playing. We practiced a lot in the theater at Gilroy High because Randy and Jon were in good with the drama teacher at the time. We only played a few private parties and went into a home studio to record a demo track...that was my 1st experience in a "real" recording studio so I was pretty excited.

The End
recorded in 1980

Download MP3 Whip It (Devo)
Download MP3 Back In The U.S.S.R. (Beatles)
Download MP3 All Out Of Love (Air Supply)
Download MP3 Logical Song (Supertramp)
Download MP3 Just What I Needed (The Cars)
Download MP3 You May Be Right/It's Still Rock And Roll To Me (Billy Joel)
Download MP3 Time Warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Download MP3 Heartache Tonight (The Eagles)
Download MP3 Another One Bites The Dust (Queen)

While going to Gilroy High I hooked up with some guys from a different band, Randy and Jon. They had just quit their band and were forming a new band with a guy from San Juan Bautista...he was 21-22 years old...whoa!

They asked me to join the band so I packed up my kit into their car and drove off to this older guys place up in the hills. We practiced and all hit it off and started working on about 20 songs. We would practice about 2-3 times a week and I got to really know the "older" guy and his "really older" girlfriend really (Bill and Connie).

After a few months of practicing and spending more time at Bill's place I found how he had an Atari 800 computer (remember this was 1980!) and I was amazed by this thing...it had a whopping 16KB of RAM...ha ha. When there was down time during the full day practices (and sometimes sleepovers) I would type in BASIC programs from magazines he had lying around...I was facinated to type in different type of "pong" games and other silly programs. Since I am computer programmer and know 5-6 different programming languages now I will always have a place in my heart for that Atari 800 and those weekends of practicing...music and my BASIC programming.

recorded on April 16, 1980

Download MP3 Cold Gin (Kiss)
Download MP3 Just What I Needed (The Cars)
Download MP3 I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)

As what happens in bands all the time...there was conflict with the lead guitarist of my previous band and we went out and got another guy...Bobby to join the band since he was a friend of Dean's. We started practicing a lot of played a few private parties and somehow we talked our high school (Gilroy) to let us play during lunch in the center of campus outside. We were all sooo nervous as there was about 300 kids sitting all around us when we started playing...lucky for me I was in band so I borrowed the school's drum set for the gig. I brought in my cheapy cassette recorder and gave it to one of my friends (Cindy) and she recorded the gig...it sounds like crap but it is an amazing memory for me...and hopefully the rest of the guys in the band...ha ha.

Royal Blitz
recorded in January 1980

Download MP3 Original Song
Download MP3 Cold Gin (Kiss)
Download MP3 Got To Choose (Kiss)
Download MP3 Fool For The City (Foghat)

My first band! My family moved from Salinas to Gilroy in the summary of '79. I had just started learning how to play the drums and was trying to build up my drum set that my Dad had bought me earlier in the year for about $30. I didn't have a hi-hat stand so I took some 2x4's and nailed them together along with some beatup cymbals to make a hi-hat...it sounds like crap but at least I could play.

After getting to know my neighbor near Gavilan College I found a guitarist up the street who was interested in jamming...his name was Dean Keith. I got to know him by jamming at his place and found how he knew some other guys who were also looking to form a band. I had them come over to my place since I didn't have a car to move my drums around. Aaron (lead guitar) and Dennis (bass) along with Dean (guitar/vocals) came over and we played a bunch of Kiss and AC/DC covers for hours and drove our neighbors crazy...we had the cops come out to tell us to stop practicing several times.

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