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Free Drum Transcriptions
Free Drum Transcriptions

We've finally started adding new drum transcriptions to our site! With the development of our online MIDI drum transcriptions editor (that creates the graphics and MIDI files dynamically through our web site) we'll be able to add more transcriptions to the site faster.

Note: not all sound cards have good drum set sounds,
please check your hardware settings to help with quality of MIDI file.

Something we've done with making our MP3 files of these drum transcripts is that we have the actual song on one side of stereo and the MIDI file (recorded through outboard gear into a wave file) on the other side. This way you can pan your speakers to just the drums to hear whats going on or blend the drums only side to your liking. You'll probably notice that both tracks don't always sync up perfect, this is because most drummers cannot keep perfect time (unlike a computer playing a MIDI file), so the MIDI track has to be adjusted in tempo to keep in sync with the actual song which at times causes subtle speed up or slow down of the drum track.

Each song has a set of drum transcriptions. You can download the graphics to your computer and print each individual transcription on a single piece of paper... although you might need to adjust the margins for it all to fit. (PC users right-click over graphic and Mac users hold the Apple key and press mouse button to get to the Save-As drop down menu).

Print out the drum transcriptions and grab your sticks and portable MP3 player and start banging your drums to these great songs!

In the works...you'll be able to puchase CDs of these drum transcriptions so that you can hear these great drum parts when ever and where ever you want along with a color printout of the transciption. Keep checking back here for more information!

AC/DC Back In Black (Novice)
American Hi-Fi Flavor Of The Week (Advanced)
Britney Spears Lucky (Novice)
Cast Of Shadows * Love Beyond Our Needs (Advanced)
Cast Of Shadows * Breakaway (Intermediate)
Cast Of Shadows * Face The Time (Advanced)
Cast Of Shadows * Drugstore Novels (Intermediate)
Cast Of Shadows * Reach Beyond The Past (Intermediate)
Cast Of Shadows * Lifeline (Intermediate)
Cast Of Shadows * Silent Rage (Intermediate)
Cast Of Shadows * Cryin In The Rain (Intermediate)
Cast Of Shadows * Remember (Intermediate)
Cast Of Shadows * Street Magic (Intermediate)
Creed Higher (Advanced)
Da Da Disneyland (Intermediate)
Default Somewhere (Intermediate)
Dream Theater Pull Me Under (Extreme)
Garbage Cherry Lips (Novice)
Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle (Intermediate)
Linkin Park In The End (Intermediate)
Maroon 5 Harder To Breathe (Intermediate)
Megadeath No More Mr Nice Guy (Intermediate)
Metallica Enter Sandman (Intermediate)
Metallica One (Advanced)
No Doubt Just A Girl (Intermediate)
Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train (Intermediate)
Papa Roach Last Resort (Intermediate)
Phil Collins In The Air Tonight (Advanced)
Pink Get This Party Started (Intermediate)
Rush Subdivisions (Advanced)
Rush Limelight (Advanced)
Smashmouth All Star (Intermediate)
The Knack My Sharona (Intermediate)

* - denotes Web Thumper playing drums in original song for this transcription

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