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Includes these Special DVD Features:

  • DVD Exclusive Ultimate Jam Track
  • DVD-ROM MP3, PDF & Quicktime Files
  • Audio Commentary For All Songs
  • Drums Only Audio Tracks
  • Drummer's Toolkit
  • Photo Montage
  • Song Transcript Quiz
    Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes
  • Cast Of Shadows - Face The Time
    Performance/Instructional Video (Intermediate-Advanced Skill Level)
    34 Page color Drum Transcript Booklet

    Our first Performance/Instructional video of ALL the songs from the popular Cast Of Shadows Face The Time CD, plus some extra features you'll love!

    Included is a 34 page color drum transcript booklet of each of the 10 COS songs.

        Street Magic
        Face The Time
        Drugstore Novels
        Cryin' In The Rain
        Reach Beyond The Past
        Silent Rage
        Love Beyond Our Needs

    Watch as Scott shows you how all the songs on this great CD were played using the latest digital video recording technology to record from several different camera angles...then switch over to the exclusive commentary audio track and listen as Scott explains all about how the CD was created and what goes into developing drum parts for original songs. You'll also be able to turn on a new DVD feature were you can watch the drum transcripts at the same time you watch the videos so you can better understand how to read drum music.

    Drummer's Toolkit will explain and show you how to play many different skills such as performing Cymbal Chokes, Snare Drum Flams & Ruffs, Double-Bass Drum Fills and more...each with individual videos so you can actually see how to play them.

    Transcript Quiz will challange you to select the correct drum transcript displayed from each of the COS songs performed...and when you've selected all the correct transcripts you'll unlock the exclusive Ultimate Jam Track files on the DVD-ROM section of the DVD.

    Ultimate Jam Track has lots to offer all drummers out there who want to jam to music without any drums recorded. First watch and listen to Scott as he performs this 10 minute collection of great rock-n-roll songs put together exclusively for this DVD. And don't forget to watch BOTH versions of the video and listen to the DRUMS ONLY track. Then go and complete the Transcript Quiz to unlock how to find the MP3 version of the Ultimate Jam Track without drums so you can create your own drum tracks!

    * - We use DVD+R media for our DVD products, so please make sure your DVD player is compatible with this type of media.
    Most DVD players created after January 2001 are compatible, click here to see if your DVD player is compatible with DVD+R media.
    All our DVDs are free of region encoding so they will play in any country.

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