Web Thumper's Drum Lessons

Macromedia Flash Video/Audio Drum Lessons
See & Hear How Drum Patterns,
Fills and Transcripts are Played...
...by Web Thumper himself!

Welcome to our newest area of the web site! We are very excited about being able to bring you videos (via the Macromedia Flash Player) of our drum lessons so you can actually see how the patterns are played along with hearing and viewing the drum transcripts (with a highlighted follow-the-beat marker). All the patterns and transcripts from the drum lessons are included in each of the Flash video lessons.

You'll also find these Flash videos on the actual drum lesson web pages too for your browsing convenience.

We're going to be adding several more Flash video drum lessons in the coming months so please check back often to SEE whats new!

Download Instructions:
  • click on drum lesson, transcript or Jam Track you wish to download
  • save .exe (Windows) or .hqx (Macintosh) file to your local hard drive
  • find saved file and double-click on it to start the Macromedia Flash player
  • once the Macromedia Flash player is open click on which drum lesson you want to view
  • when you are done, close the Macromedia Flash player like any other application
    (note: you do not have to have any other software installed for the Macromedia Flash player to work)
    Download Standalone Flash Video Lessons *
  • Novice / Basic Beats / Lesson #1
  • (Windows) (Macintosh)
  • Novice / Rock Beats / Lesson #3
  • (Windows) (Macintosh)
  • Intermediate / Sixteenth Notes on Hi Hat / Lesson #1
  • (Windows) (Macintosh)
  • Intermediate / Drum Fills / Lesson #1
  • (Windows) (Macintosh)

    Flash Audio Lessons
  • Novice / Quarter & Eighth Notes / Lesson #1
  • (Low Band Width) (High Band Width)
  • Novice / Basic Beats / Lesson #1
  • (Low Band Width) (High Band Width)
  • Novice / Rock Beats / Lesson #3 (Ride Cymbal)
  • (Low Band Width) (High Band Width)
  • Intermediate / Up Beats / Lesson #1
  • (Low Band Width) (High Band Width)

    * Please note that these files are somewhat large in size (between 5-10MB each) due to the high quality of the video and audio within them, so please be patient...and remember that you only have to download them once and then you can play them anytime you want from your computer.

    Cast Of Shadows DVD Promo Videos
  • Face The Time Songs
  • Download MPG Download WMV
    MPG video is 32MB - WMV video is 15MB
    both video are 360x240 pixels and 44.1kHz stereo - 2:13 in length
  • Ultimate Jam Track
  • Download MPG Download WMV
    MPG video is 42MB - WMV video is 16MB
    both video are 360x240 pixels and 44.1kHz stereo - 3:01 in length

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