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Welcome to Web Thumper's Jam Tracks!

Since its not always possible to jam with other musicians to work on your playing skills and playing to CDs can get frustrating because there is already drums in the music you are jamming to...we've developed Web Thumper's Jam Tracks for you!

We've came up with these Jam Tracks to help this situation. What our Jam Tracks provide you with is a 3-5 minute song that does not include any drums being played. We then supply 4 different versions of the Jam Track with a drum track being played a different skill levels. There is also a version that just has a click track to help you keep time during the song.

We hope you enjoy these Jam Tracks as we are developing several CDs of them that will include color print outs of each skill level transcription. Please check back every so often to see what's new with our Jam Tracks our better yet, signup for our News Letter on our home page.

Now its time to start Jamming!

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Jam Tracks Demo #1 (120 BPM)
Hard Rock track with slap bass and distorted guitars
No Drums Click Track Novice Intermediate Advanced Extreme
Jam Tracks Demo #2 (130 BPM)
Techno/House track with with lots of up-beats
No Drums Click Track Novice Intermediate Advanced Extreme

Jam Tracks Volume #1 Sampler

Our first volume of our Jam Tracks CD collection is here on the web site. Below are 30 second samples of all the songs on the CD, just click on the logo next to the song title. To save time, download a ZIP of all the files (6MB) here.

It contains all 9 Jam Tracks (all are around 4 minutes in length) with and without a click track. We're working on the drum transcriptions for the Novice/Intermediate & Advanced/Extreme CD and booklet of all 9 Jam Tracks and they'll be out sometime in the future...so please signup for our News Letter to keep informed of when they will be availabe online to purchase!

Beyond Time (165 BPM)
Fast trance rhythm with cool synths
Echoes of Color (135 BPM)
Syncopated bass lines and tons of keyboards keep this track moving
Down Home (90 BPM)
Strumming guitars and smooth bass line
Floating Groove (130 BPM)
Catchy piano work and off beat bass lines make this track feel like its floating
Dance Now (130 BPM)
Upbeat dance/house track with background vocals
Funk It Up (124 BPM)
Wa-wa guitars, horns and wicked bass are the ticket with this track
What A Trip (130 BPM)
Keyboards galore take where no drummer has been before
Acoustic Dream (100 BPM)
Mellow track with acoustic guitar and airy strings
Thumpin' Good (125 BPM)
Rockin' rhythm and soaring lead guitars will make your head spin

Songs created using CodeMasters
MTV Music Generator for the PC

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