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  Friday 05/26/2017
  06:16:38   Penguins beat Senators in double OT thriller, advance to Stanley Cup Final   Denver Post
  06:15:05   Kelly or Wingels will replace White for Senators in Game 7   Yahoo.com (Senators)
  06:14:46   Comic-Con forces Providence to play at Alumni Hall for home opener   Yahoo.com (Bruins)
  06:14:45   Blount 1-on-1: ‘I’m gonna always support the Celtics’   Yahoo.com (Bruins)
  06:14:36   A few things to know about the Nashville Predators   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:35   Instant analysis: Chris Kunitz leads Penguins to the Stanley Cup final   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:34   Joe Starkey: Penguins continue season-long high wire act   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:34   Scouting report: An early look ahead to the Nashville Predators   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:33   Gene Collier: Four wins against Nashville separate these Penguins from historic greatness   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:32   Penguins buck superstition, touch Prince of Wales trophy   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:32   Dave Molinari's Penguins report card: On to the Stanley Cup final   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:31   Postgame: Penguins 3, Senators 2 (double overtime)   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:30   Sheary delivers in return to lineup for Game 7   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:30   Chris Kunitz keeps Penguins career going with impressive Game 7 showing   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:29   Penguins' patience pays off in solving Ottawa puzzle   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:28   Stanley Cup final schedule released; Game 1 tickets go on sale Friday morning   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:28   WATCH: Video highlights from Pens' double overtime win over Senators   Post-Gazette.com (Penguins)
  06:14:21   Kunitz's double-OT goal sends Penguins back to Stanley Cup   Yahoo.com (Penguins)
  06:14:17   NHL royalty vs. the rowdy neighbors in Stanley Cup Final   Yahoo.com (Penguins)
  06:14:15   Will the Penguins or Predators win the Stanley Cup?   Yahoo.com (Penguins)
  06:14:13   Who’s playing for Penguins, Senators in Game 7   Yahoo.com (Penguins)
  06:14:11   Chris Kunitz nets game-winner in double overtime to send Penguins to Stanley Cup Final   Yahoo.com (Penguins)
  06:13:54   Report: Changes coming to Bruins' uniforms?   Yahoo.com (Devils)
  06:13:30   Immunity for Texas foster-care contractors slows bill to make CPS a standalone agency   DallasNews.com
  06:13:29   Tarrant County serial rapist who found victims online sentenced to 15 years   DallasNews.com
  06:13:29   Texas 7th-grader named 'most likely to become a terrorist' in mock school awards   DallasNews.com
  06:13:28   Video shows Central Texas sheriff's deputy punching teen during traffic stop   DallasNews.com
  06:13:27   Dog About Town: Saluting veterans' four-leggers and more things to do   DallasNews.com
  06:13:27   Kids with disabilities find 'pure joy' in toy cars that boost mobility   DallasNews.com
  06:13:26   Sheriff Tracy Murphree, Manchester, Trump's budget plan, impeachment, Richardson ISD   DallasNews.com
  06:13:25   America needs a new American Dream story   DallasNews.com
  06:13:25   What can Nixon's path tell us about the next 18 months for Trump?   DallasNews.com
  06:13:24   D-FW's hot housing market hasn't seen much condo building   DallasNews.com
  06:13:23   Hot, Windy & Humid Today   DallasNews.com
  06:13:23   Slim pickings out there for buyers hunting affordable D-FW homes   DallasNews.com
  06:13:22   Dining in a time machine: Couple tours Dallas eateries that have made it for four decades   DallasNews.com
  06:13:21   Suspected drunken driver injures 1 in Fort Worth   DallasNews.com
  06:13:21   Texas budget, Lampasas assault, Fort Worth Stockyards: Your Friday morning roundup   DallasNews.com
  06:13:20   One year after sexual assault report, 'duck and cover' Baylor still fails survivors of this tragedy   DallasNews.com
  06:12:49   U.S. workers -- especially millennial women -- aren't taking all their earned vacation   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:48   Considering a guy romper? Here are 12 styles worth a look   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:47   Chevy's 2017 Bolt EV is an all-electric all-star   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:46   Overrated/Underrated, Summer TV edition: 'House of Cards' faces an uphill battle, and the rise of th...   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:46   'Game of Thrones' has become an unlikely tale of female empowerment   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:45   'GLOW,' 'Midnight, Texas,' 'The Mist' and what's new on TV this summer   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:44   American Ninja Journalist: A scraped shin, a bruised ego and a renewed spirit   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:44   How Marvel will cram four, broody superheroes into one miniseries in 'The Defenders'   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:43   With ‘Boy Band,’ ‘Candy Crush’ and more, summer TV has more reality than you can shake a sti...   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:42   When Jerrod Carmichael isn't trying to make sitcoms smart again, he unwinds with infomercials and .....   Los Angeles Times (Kings)
  06:12:27   UCLA’s Griffin Canning shuts out Oregon with 10 strikeouts   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:27   OCVarsity Photos: Great plays, memorable moments from Thursday’s CIF-SS softball playoff games   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:26   Trial date set for Irvine woman suspected of hitting, killing pedestrian with car while under the in...   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:25   Things to do in Orange County May 26-June 1   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:25   Boys volleyball regional playoffs: Thursday’s scores, Saturday’s schedule   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:24   HOA Homefront: Recipe for reasonable rules   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:23   Orange County native Brett Young talks baseball and music ahead of opening for Lady Antebellum at th...   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:23   Militants attack Christians in Egypt, killing at least 26   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:22   What is the best beach in Orange County?   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:21   Getting hitched? Amazon introduces Wedding Shop   Orange County Register (Ducks)
  06:12:15   How to watch Senators vs. Penguins Game 7: Live stream, TV   Yahoo.com (Ducks)
  06:11:22   Larry Robinson won't return to Sharks next season   Yahoo.com (Sharks)
  06:10:42   Penguins eliminate Senators in double-OT Game 7 classic   Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
  06:10:41   Chris Kunitz breaks out at perfect moment for Penguins   Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
  06:10:41   Erik Karlsson nearly pulled off the impossible vs. Penguins   Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
  06:10:40   Stanley Cup Final: 5 intriguing things about Penguins vs. Predators   Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
  06:10:25   How to cool an increasingly hot city   LATimes.com News
  06:10:24   The birth of modern stand-up is chronicled in Jim Carrey-produced 'I'm Dying Up Here'   LATimes.com News
  06:10:24   The women of Westeros are going to war in 'Game of Thrones' Season 7   LATimes.com News
  06:10:23   Everything you need to know about 'The Defenders,' Marvel's new broody superhero team   LATimes.com News
  06:10:22   Overrated/Underrated: TV reunions, remakes and reboots this summer; 'House of Cards' faces an uphill...   LATimes.com News
  06:10:22   What's new on TV this summer? 'The Mist,' 'Salvation,' 'Marlon' and more   LATimes.com News
  06:10:21   How good intentions lead to a midlife crisis for Naomi Watts' 'Gypsy' character   LATimes.com News
  06:10:20   Prepare for the return of 'Orphan Black,' 'Insecure' and more summer TV favorites with this recap   LATimes.com News
  06:10:20   Meet 5 real-world comics who take a trip back to the comedy heyday in 'I'm Dying Up Here'   LATimes.com News
  06:10:19   Here is a recap to prepare for new 'Orphan Black,' 'Insecure' and more returning summer TV favorites   LATimes.com News
  06:10:18   In TNT's 'Claws,' Niecy Nash and crew may make you rethink that trip to the nail salon   LATimes.com News
  06:10:18   Essential California: Farmers in California need immigrant workers. Will Trump help or hurt?   LATimes.com News
  06:10:16   Overcoming assault charge, Republican Greg Gianforte wins Montana congressional seat   LATimes.com News
  06:10:15   Dirty rooms and unfriendly employees are the biggest turnoffs for hotel guests   LATimes.com News
  06:10:15   17-year-old boy shot to death in Westmont   LATimes.com News
  06:10:14   In e-sports, it's the bosses who are rallying for a union   LATimes.com News
  06:10:13   Outside money spills into L.A. congressional race as election day nears   LATimes.com News
  06:10:12   Mark Ballas on why 'Jersey Boys' was his destiny: 'I had seen the show 12 times when I auditioned'   LATimes.com News
  06:10:11   He's got one hell of a motorcycle collection — and one hell of a life story to go with it   LATimes.com News
  06:10:10   Dr. Beach selects 2017's 10 best beaches in the U.S. One is in California   LATimes.com News
  06:10:09   My Favorite Room: Nicole Williams shows off her luxurious living room   LATimes.com News
  06:10:09   Ride the Coronado Ferry to or from San Diego's waterfront   LATimes.com News
  06:09:52   Pittsburgh Wins Eastern Conference On Chris Kunitz Double-OT Goal   Deadspin
  06:09:52   Penguins, Senators Score Back-To-Back Goals 20 Seconds Apart   Deadspin
  06:09:47   Changes coming to Ducks?   ESPN.com NHL News
  06:09:46   Penguins barely sneak into finals   ESPN.com NHL News
  06:09:45   Former HOF D Robinson parting with Sharks   ESPN.com NHL News
  06:09:41   Penguins, Crosby refuse to lose   ESPN.com NHL News
  06:09:34   Kulfan discusses the Grand Rapids Griffins’ success   Kuklas Korner
  06:09:32   From The Side Of The Ottawa Senators   Kuklas Korner
  06:09:31   Pens vs. Preds   Kuklas Korner
  06:09:31   Quest To Repeat Continues For The Pittsburgh Penguins   Kuklas Korner
  06:09:30   Morning Line- Mike Lange   Kuklas Korner
  06:09:24   Penguins 3, Senators 2 | Two overtimes | Pittsburgh wins series, 4-3: Penguins Top Senators in Overt...   NYTimes.com
  06:09:22   Why all those laughing at Mertesacker may eat their words in FA Cup final   SportingNews.com

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