Official 1997 All-Star Programs

All-Star Program Table Of Contents
10 - The NHL's Golden Age
A history of the NHL in California
17 - A New Approach
The Sharks have added some veterans with "jam"
22 - Sharks, Inc.
Sharks' marketing offers a blueprint for success
28 - I Remember Well...
Famed broadcaster Dick Irvin's All-Star memories
37 - Mutual Admiration Society
Fans of each other: Mark Messier and Eric Lindros
42 - The First Time
Players recount memorable All-Star debuts
47 - Mr. Big Shot
Eastern Conference honorary captain Andy Bathgate
48 - Favorite Son
Western Conference honorary captain Doug Wilson
51 - Hereos of Hockey Game
California hereos host a team of NHL legends
59 - 47th NHL All-Star Game Lineups
Bios of the players in the 1997 All-Star Game
76 - 47th NHL All-Star Game Rosters
79 - 47th NHL All-Star Game Scorecard
80 - NHL Superskills
The League's best players test theirplayers test their mettle in six events
87 - Crazy Like a Fox
Fox Sports is changing the way you watch the NHL
90 - 'Round Town
Sharks Kelly Hrudey and Jeff Friesen showcase San Jose
94 - Role Reversal
Stars from other sports with hockey fever
96 - All-Star Officals
The weekend's men in stripes
98 - Fit for Kings
L.A. Kings Steven Finn and Rob Blake model hockey fashions
108 - Virtual Tour Guide's cyberspace version of All-Star Weekend
111 -For the Kids
Many NHL players believe their youngest fans are the real All-Stars
114 - God's Country
Vancouver hosts the 1998 NHL All-Star Weekend
116 - NHL All-Star Game Records and Results
120 - This Month in NHL History
Records set SIZE=2>Records set and legends made in January over the years
122 - NHL FANtasy Land
Pinnacle/NHL FANtasy is a big hockey theme park

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These are the official All-Star programs from the 1997 47th All-Star that was played in San Jose, CA on January 18th, 1997.

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